Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ladybug Canvas...

Well, this is one of my all-time favorite things to make... fabric canvas' for children's rooms. They are VERY time consuming and detailed, but I love the finished product. Here is a set of three I just finished for my sweet friend who is having a baby girl, June or "June Bug" as they already call her. Her nursery is darling with ladybugs everywhere! Too cute!

Birthday Cake!

How fun is this birthday cake? In case you didn't know who it it... I will help you out! This is Flicker the Flashlight from the Handy Manny tool man cartoon. My nephew turned 4 and this was his choice for a cake. My sister, her friend, and I worked on it for a few hours and we really excited about how it turned out. Hopefully sometime soon I will post a tutorial, for now, here's just a snapshot.

Baby Bibs...

I was so excited to see that Babies R Us was selling plain bibs because that meant that I could embellish them with some cute fabric and give them as baby gifts! Here's the two that I've made so far... they are lots of fun and easy to make!

Burp Cloths..

Here's something simple that lots of people make... baby burp cloths made from cloth diapers. This set of six was for a friend who is having a girl in a few weeks. She dropped off some plain burp cloths she had used with her son and asked me to spice them up for a little girl, here's what we came up with!