Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cookie Lollipop Favors...

So here's a fun idea for a party favor for your next bash... Cookie Shaped Lollipops! They are super simple to make and are a cute and personal touch for your guests. For the recipe that I used check out "Cocky Chocolate Chip Cookies"- you can use any recipe that makes fluffy or thick cookies (so that you're lollipop stick can be held in the cookie).

You will need:
Lollipop sticks (Michael's candy making section)
Small baggies (also sold at Michael's in the same isle)
Cookie Ingredients
** Optional: Tags or a sign "Thanks for POPPING by!"

Bake your cookies and as soon as they come out, stick your lollipop sticks in the center of the cookies and let them cool. Then with a spatula, slide them off and into a bag, tying them with fun ribbon combinations!