Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Crayon Pucks for Kids...

Stocking Stuffer Idea #2: Crayon Pucks
Here's a great little gift you can make for kids- we are going to package them up and hand them out to friends this year, but you could also make some for stocking stuffers or gift toppers- the possibilities are endless! They are really inexpensive and the best part is, kids can help!

This is a great way to use broken or old crayons you have laying around!

You will need:
  • a cupcake tin (I use an old one I got at a garage sale for 25 cents!)
  • cooking spray
  • crayons, old and broken if you have them!
  • butter knife

Spray your cupcake tin with cooking oil, peel your crayons (I used a butter knife to get them started then handed them to my 2 year old who finished the peeling process! Use good crayons (Crayola), not cheap waxie ones from the dollar store. Then break them up into 1 inch pieces and put them into separate compartments in the cupcake tin. You can mix colors, or leave them all the same- you can also use mini muffin tins if you prefer smaller crayons! Fill them up as much as you want (at least half way) then put them in the oven for 6-8 minutes on 265. When you take them out you can swirl them with a toothpick or leave them looking marbley. I stuck mine in the freezer for about an hour until they were completely hardened, then turned them over and they all popped out!