Monday, May 24, 2010

A touch of cuteness to a plain bib...

Here's an idea to create a little something special and unique for a little one- great for a gift or to tie to the top of the package. It's super simple, so even if you're not a gifted seamstress, you can pull it off- just get creative!

Babies R Us sells packages of plain white bibs (and colored ones too) so you can pick up a package and use your imagination. For this girlie bib, I cut out different sized petals, and two coordinating leaves, tacking them in the center with a matching button (which I hand stitched). Once your flower is assembled, run two stitches (like an X) threw the center of the flower to tack it to the bib. I left my edges frayed, and didn't back it with anything, but if you don't want it to fray you could iron on some pellon to keep it from unraveling.

Happy creating- and if you come up with something cute, email it to me and I will add it to the post!