Friday, November 5, 2010


Homemade Christmas Gift Idea #4: Aprons
Again, with this gift, I don't use a pattern, I use my favorite apron (from Williams Sonoma) and make my own pattern off of it (tweaking it as needed if the person is taller or shorter, etc.). The same goes for the little kid pattern, I copy my daughters play apron or I measure her and make a smaller version. If you want some free patterns, google it- there are tons out there.
The best part about this gift is it can be so personal- you can match it to the person's personality, their kitchen, or just something fun! I use the thicker fabric (Home Decor) for my aprons so that they hold their shape, wash well, and protect your clothes! I always have fun embellishing them with ruffles, hangie balls, different color pockets, or fabric flowers. You can give this gift solo or make a whole package out of it with a baking pan, recipe, and some new kitchen towels! (This also makes a great shower or wedding gift!)