Thursday, September 17, 2009

Flowers in your Hair....

Try stacking your flowers in a different order a few times before landing on your final choice. Also, try alternating 2 colors like this one: red and pink. Then hand stitch an X in the center to keep them from moving.
On this one, I covered a button in some complimentary fabric and hand-stitched it onto the center of the flower, you can also use a plain button or two buttons stacked on top of each other.
Here's a sample of some other colors, the yellow one has a piece of complimentary ribbon in the center (click on image to enlarge) and the purple one has a fuzzy center that came as a center to one of the flowers.
And of course, my model, Emery girl.
So, here's an easy and fun way to spice up a plain head band or clip... buy some fake flowers, layer them, handstitch the center together, add a button (regular or fabric-covered) and then hot glue it to a an alligator clip. (I cover my alligator clips in grossgrain ribbon first). This way you can change it up- move the flowers to different headbands depending on the outfit! (Target sells some great colors of kid sized headbands right now for pretty cheap- 6 for under $4!)