Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hair Clip Tin

A quick and easy solution for anything that is cluttering up your coutertops- for me it was my daughter's hair bows and clips that were all over her dresser as well as the rest of the house! They needed a permenant home, and a cute one at that!
I found this cheap little tin bucket at the dollar store, never mind the design because it will quickly be covered up! Then I got out some fabric, trimming, and extra buttons just in case!
I measured the tin, cut the fabric, ironed it and then ran a bead of fabric glue around the top and bottom of the tin and pressed my fabric on to it firmly, ironning out any bumps with my finger tips.
Then I attached some pom poms, ribbon and well, some more ribbon- and wha-la! In 15 minutes I had myself a cute little storage container for her bows and clips!