Sunday, September 20, 2009

Put up your Party Banner!!!

So, here's another idea I borrowed off of someone else's blog, and thought I would post the idea for parties, shower, and the likes! It's super simple to make, it would be a great beginners sewing project because not much sewing is needed. I simplified the idea so that it would take less time (my overall theme when crafting because I don't have a ton of time!)

So, I made a template out of a piece of thin card board and cut out 15 triangles with the "right-side" of the fabric facing out on each one. *** I cut out 14 because I was going to use it as a congratulations banner = 14 letters.

Then I measured and pinned each triangle inside of a piece of "bias tape" (purchased in any craft department). Each triangle was 2 inches apart.

Then I ran a stitch down the bias tape with a complimentary color.

And finally, this part is optional (you could leave yours plain) I cut out felt letters and glued them on with fabric glue to each flag.

(Bad picture I know- it was dark, too far away, about to take it down after the party... but hey, you get the idea!!!)
And wha-la!!!! You have yourself a homemade party banner---- let the celebration begin!!!